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Canvas Tents

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What is a Canvas Tent?

While most tents are made from nylon or polyester, canvas tents are made from cotton. By applying a tight weave, canvas tents are more breathable, water repellent, and sturdier than the standard plastic tent. This makes camping trips much more comfortable and fun throughout the seasons, as they typically withstand the elements and keep you and your family warm.

The History of Canvas Tents

While some of the first canvas tents date back to the 1800s during the Crimean War, canvas tents date back even farther to the 600 AD during the reign of Emperor Maurice. For centuries, canvas was used as shelter during voyages and war, where people and soldiers can rest as needed. 

The most popular tent during that time was the Native American tipi, which used an a-framed tent made from leather or canvas, supported by a rigid pole. This design took off, ultimately being patented in 1858.

Today, canvas is used in several different leisures, such as glamping tents, winter tents, and camping gear. Best of all, it’s reliability as a shelter is the reason the type of tent has lasted as long as it has.

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Why do you need a Canvas Tent?

Aside from being more breathable and sturdier than a plastic tent, canvas tents are great at protecting you from the elements during harsh conditions. The cotton inside canvas is a natural insulator, which helps keep you warmer in colder climates. The tight weave makes your canvas wall tent water repellent, keeping you dry during storms while allowing you to breathe comfortably. Canvas is even a natural material, which makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable material that can last for a long time.

Choosing the Right Canvas

When considering purchasing your next canvas tent, make sure to choose the right sized canvas material that can endure any type of weather and outdoor environment.

12-oz & 14-oz Canvas: This untreated, grade A canvas is naturally water-resistant and made with a tight weave that holds in heat during the winter and keeps heat out in the summer.

Polaris: Our high-quality Polaris fabric is mildew-resistant, water-resistant and flame retardant. Polaris fabric has a 65 polyester and 35 cotton blend, making it perfect for withstanding extreme temperatures and standing up for extended periods of time.

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Why Canvas is Cool

Unlike standard plastic tents, canvas tents aren’t made from cheap material. Every single one is handcrafted with the toughest fabric to withstand the toughest elements. Our canvas tents provide several benefits to campers, including:

Temperature Controlled: Canvas will retain more heat during the colder months, while keeping out heat in the summer.

Water-Resistant: Since most canvas tents are made from cotton and tight-woven, water droplets will slide off the tent so campers can stay dry, even during the harshest storms.

Repairable: Canvas can sustain more tears, and are more well-suited to being patched up than a synthetic tent.

Canvas Wall Tent

Sheridan Tent uses the best craftsmanship to create handmade, custom wall tents that are made to be passed down. See for yourself why Sheridan Tent has remained in business since 1909.

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Every camping trip should be memorable. Canvas tents are perfect for family outings by the lake or solo adventures across the mountainside. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to keep a big tent that will keep you warm and protected. Be sure to pack a sleeping bag, portable heaters, and enough food to give yourself the best camping experience.

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When staking out during the colder months, our canvas tents provide any hunter When staking out during the colder months, canvas tents provide any hunter protection against the elements for longer trips. Canvas provides proper ventilation for you while waiting for your game to come in close, and can set up nearly anywhere you need to when looking for the best spot.



Turn your canvas tent into a home away from home. Our wide, customizable tents are great for taking your camping trip to the next level. With lots of space available, you can add a camping bed, rugs, tent cot, tent heater, and more to design your own dream tent.

Canvas Teepee

Sheridan Tent uses the best craftsmanship to create handmade, custom teepees that are made to be passed down. See for yourself why Sheridan Tent has remained in business since 1909.

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Taking Care of Your Canvas Tent

Canvas grade and quality make a significant difference in the lifetime of your canvas tent. With the proper know-how, you can extend your tent’s life.

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  • Make sure your tent is completely dry before storing. Canvas is a natural material and mold and mildew will form if stored wet or damp.
  • Store your tent in a dry location.
  • Do not store your tent in an airtight container. The canvas functions best when allowed to breathe.


  • Dust and dried dirt can be removed by “smacking” the canvas with your hand or a broom. The impact will cause surface dirt to come off the fabric.
  • Ground in dirt or oil can be removed with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush. Brush lightly and flush well with water. If your canvas has a waterproofing treatment this may remove the treatment from the washed area.
  • If mold forms, mix Lysol and water (1 parts ton 5) in a spray bottle and saturate the affected area. Let dry completely before storing.


  • There are two types of tents: Natural canvas tents and treated canvas tents.
  • Natural canvas tents are inherently water resistant. We don’t recommend treating a natural canvas tent until it is several years old and starts to present problems.
  • Treated canvas tents, if properly cared for, will not need to be re-waterproofed for many years. Once it does become necessary, please contact us for recommendations.
  • If your tent sustains any damage, the sooner it is repaired the longer it will last.
  • Duct tape works well for temporary, in the field repairs.
  • Contact us (or a local shop if you’re not in the area) as soon as practical for more permanent repairs.
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About Sheridan Tent & Awning

Sheridan Tent & Awning has been designing and manufacturing canvas wall tents since 1909. Our tents are made with grade A double-fill canvas to allow breathability, sturdiness, and water repellency to make your camping trips comfortable throughout the seasons. Upon request, we use Sunforger treated canvas for additional protection.

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