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Canvas & Industrial Goods

For Life Out West

Since 1909, Sheridan Tent & Awning has been designing and manufacturing the sturdy stuff. The kind that just makes life better in the west – or anywhere else for that matter. Like grade A canvas wall tents, cowboy range tents and teepees, utility-driven bags, awnings, custom tarps and covers, and a wide swath of other industrial goods for companies in Wyoming and across the globe. No matter your needs, we have what you’re looking for. Just let us know how we can help you.


Great tent craftsmanship begins with the stitching of the canvas tent. When customers are handing tents down from generation to generation, you know you’re doing something right. Sheridan Tent & Awning has been designing and creating classic canvas wall tents and teepees since 1909. We cherish the clean lines, sturdy construction, and utility-driven customization options so much that very little about these tents and teepees has changed in more than 100 years.

Life Long Canvas

Believe us – canvas grade and quality make a significant difference in water repellency, sturdiness, and breathability. Our tents and teepees are made in Wyoming with grade A double-fill canvas (or Sunforger treated canvas upon request) and are available in 12 oz or 14 oz canvas in a variety of sizes. Optional features are functionally driven to make camping and glamping in the great outdoors much more comfortable and fun throughout the seasons.

How to Set Up Your Tent

Canvas Care & Repair Tips


  • Make sure your tent is completely dry before storing. Canvas is a natural material and mold and mildew will form if stored wet or damp.
  • Store your canvas tent in a dry location
  • Do not store your tent in an airtight container.  The canvas functions best when allowed to breathe.


  • Dust and dried dirt can be removed by “smacking” the canvas with your hand or a broom. The impact will cause surface dirt to come off the fabric.
  • Ground in dirt or oil can be removed with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush. Brush lightly and flush well with water. If your canvas has a waterproofing treatment this may remove the treatment from the washed area.
  • If mold forms mix lysol and water (1 parts to 5) in a spray bottle and saturate the affected area. Let dry completely before storing.


  • There are two types of tents: Natural canvas tents and treated canvas tents.
  • Natural canvas tents are inherently water resistant. We don’t recommend treating a natural canvas tent until it is several years old and starts to present problems.
  • Treated canvas tents, if properly cared for, will not need to be re-waterproofed for many years. Once it does become necessary please contact us for recommendations.
  • If your tent sustains any damage, the sooner it is repaired the longer it will last.
  • Duct tape works well for temporary, in the field repairs.
  • Contact us (or a local shop if you’re not in the area) as soon as practical for more permanent repairs.
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Our Customer Service Department is at your complete disposal for any questions: 307.674.6313