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Canvas Tents & Tee Pees

Grade A canvas. Grade A heart & soul.

Canvas Tents

For hunting, camping, glamping, & backyard fun.

Canvas Tent & TeePee Features

Sheridan Tent & Awning has been serving Wyoming, Montana and the rest of the Rocky Mountain region since 1909. We offer a variety of custom, handmade Canvas Cowboy Range Tents and Canvas Wall Tents for hunting, camping, glamping and backyard fun. Browse our selection of grade A canvas tents and teepees to learn more. Then choose your size and favorite custom options to fit your camping needs.

Stitch by Stitch

Handcrafted in Sheridan, Wyoming

Canvas Wall Tent Frames

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Worth its Weight

Choose from 12oz or 14oz durable canvas

Zip It

Sturdy YKK Zippers

Our Tents Want to Be Where You Want to Be

And with its relentless quality, our canvas tents might last longer than you