Wall Tent Frame


Our frames are built strong enough for permanent camps, yet light and simple enough to take for the weekend. Designed without a center pole to contend with, but with the strength and stability to stand up to a variety of weather conditions. Designed to fit just right in your Wall Tent, it holds the material nice and tight so it efficiently sheds the elements, while allowing you to hang a light or even some wet clothes on the inside.

Frames are constructed out of 1-inch galvanized steel for maximum strength with color-coded joints to make it easy to put together. Poles can break down into two or three sections, whatever works best for you and your horse, or your side-by-side. Includes American made, adjustable welded steel angles made of 3/4 inch round tubing. These fit perfectly into your wall tent frame.


Steel Frame Pricing Note

Due to the global increase in the price of steel, the cost of galvanized steel piping has increased 100 percent. To partially off-set the cost our customers, we have temporarily added a $150 steel surcharge to all Wall Tent frames. When steel prices come down, we will adjust the surcharge.