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A tent is just a tent, right? No way! Tents are an essential piece of equipment for any sort of outdoor adventuring – whether it be hiking, camping, hunting or overlanding. Across the globe tents are used to shelter campers, keep mountaineers warm, provide comfort and aid survival. That is definitely more than just a tent.

Picking out the perfect tent for your journey can be overwhelming at first, which is why we want to point you in the right direction. Canvas tents are the tent of choice because they are tough as nails and reliable when it comes to protection from the outdoor elements. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose a canvas tent: 


Sun Protection

One of the many benefits to having a canvas tent is the thicker material that is used. This means that your canvas tent can block out more of the sun’s rays than a standard nylon tent. Not only that, but canvas tents will last longer in the sun, too. Sun damage is one of the common ways a tent gets ruined, so having a fabric that can withstand the heat means less replacements for you. No more investing money into new tents each year as a well-cared-for canvas one will last quite some time.



Camping trips over the summer can be hot and humid. In a polyester tent, the fabric prevents moisture from escaping. With a canvas tent, however, small particles of moisture can escape through the fabric. This helps keep everyone inside dry and comfortable.



Rips and tears can happen out in the wild with any type of tent – canvas, nylon or otherwise. Canvas and weather-treated Polaris tents are easier to repair for a few reasons; they’re sturdy, they resist sun damage, and take a patch far more easily than a nylon tent. As long as you clean and store it properly your canvas tent will remain in tip-top shape, even with a few repairs in place.



Rain should never slow down your camping experience. Since canvas tents are ideally handcrafted with tight weave canvas, water droplets will slide off the fabric. Not only will you remain dry inside the tent, but the temperature will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 



Canvas tents are sturdy, weather-resistant, and repairable. A properly maintained canvas tent can hold up for decades of use. Flimsy nylon tents may not hold up quite as well in inclement weather, and even the smallest tree branch can do quite a lot of damage. With a light nylon tent, planning camping trips can be more challenging, since you have to work around proper weather conditions.



Who doesn’t love a good glamping experience? With a canvas tent, you can have just that. The durability and size of these tents are ideal for setting up comfortable bedding and seating, coolers, clothes and other amenities. These tents can even be fastened to platforms, decking and various kinds of flooring, as well as good old dirt, allowing you to create a more comfortable glamping space in just the right location.



Wouldn’t it be cool to have a tent that was fully customizable? With a canvas tent, that is entirely possible. Canvas tents are 100% customizable. Tailors will work with your exact specifications, so you can have the right size and type of canvas tent that you’re looking for. The options are limitless.


Where to get the best Canvas Wall Tent

There are a handful of canvas tent makers in the U.S., but none quite as experienced and talented as Sheridan Tent & Awning. Since 1909, they’ve been designing and tailoring canvas tents for folks across the west and beyond. Known for their clean, classic lines with a nod to the cowboy culture, Sheridan Tent’s canvas wall tents, range tents and teepees, and canvas accessories are good looking and built to last. If you want to adventure like you mean it – check out Sheridan Tent’s shop. Now you know why you should choose a canvas tent.