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As part of the Sheridan Tent & Awning family, Western Industrial knows what it takes to protect your assets. With more than 100 years providing business-to-business custom fabric solutions, our goods are trusted across North America. From equipment covers to tarps, we fabricate custom goods made with a variety of sturdy, well-chosen fabrics to save you time and money. 

Take a look at the different applications we can do for you:


Equipment Covers 

Need to keep your equipment safe from the weather, wildlife and other elements? Western Industrial designs fabric covers that are tailored to your exact specifications. We cover manufacturing equipment and parts, welding operations, farm equipment and vehicles, landscape equipment, HVAC systems, automotive and aerospace parts, and field equipment of all types. Our solutions are custom designed and made with the right fabric for the job – we work with oiled canvas, cotton canvas, vinyl, cordura, polaris and many other industrial strength fabrics of varying strengths. Every cover we make is designed for easy installation and reliable use. 


Heavy Equipment Windshield Protection

We custom-design and fabricate the best windshield protection for your brand and model of vehicle. Built to last, our heavy equipment windshield protectors are made with heavy-duty vinyl, brass grommets, high-power magnets, and steel hooks to keep your fabric on tight. These covers can be installed on any heavy equipment with windows – including backhoes, loaders, and bulldozers. Again, these are designed for easy installation and removal by just one person, giving you practical use for any situation.


Exhaust Covers 

Need to prevent excess wear and tear on special automotive parts? Our exhaust covers are made with heavy-duty vinyl, secure rubber attachments, and select sturdy hardware to keep your turbo life preserved. Weather-resistant and durable, these fabrics are designed to fit your specific rig or model, and protect it from outside damage and unnecessary wear and tear.


Welding Curtains & Tarps

Welding can be dangerous without the proper curtains to contain the sparks and debris that fly around. Western Industrial manufactures fire and spark-proof tarps that are easy to install and will fit into your space. Made from oiled canvas, silicone-coated fiberglass or woven fiberglass, you’ll be able to reduce any risk into one place. There are cheaper mass-produced welding curtains on the market – ours are custom made for your set up and built to last.


Bleacher Covers & Side Curtains

Bleacher covers and side curtains provide critical security and safety for school districts, colleges and sports facilities. Our covers are custom built to fit just right for any size bleacher and they help restrict access and prevent accidents in gymnasiums and arenas. Western Industrial Canvas bleacher covers prevent sports equipment from getting stuck, and our side curtains cut off access below bleachers as well. Created with heavy-duty vinyl, our covers help ensure that patrons and students remain safe.


Sound Dampening Curtains

Similar to our equipment covers, our sound dampening curtains can be custom built to your specific needs and space. Made with vinyl, cordura, sunforger and other well-chosen fabrics, these curtains are reinforced with an internal padding to give your space the sound reduction it needs. These can be installed and removed quickly, giving you flexibility wherever you use it. 


Western Industrial Provides Custom Solutions

Have a need or a special fabric application we haven’t listed? Not a problem – Western Industrial is here to help solve problems and address issues, to your exact specifications. Made with dependable fabrics and solid workmanship, we deliver reliable goods that protect people and equipment for many years. Contact us today to get a quote.