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Hoisting your Cowboy Range Tent is a snap. You can do it solo in about 2 minutes and even more quickly with a buddy.

  1. Lay out your canvas range tent on the ground with all four corners of the base fully extended out into a square
  2. Your triangular tee pee / range tent top should be laid on top of the square base with the tip of the tee pee laying in the center of the square
  3. Each person hoisting the range tent should hook the end of their tent poles to the ring on the tip of the tee pee then pull up the top of the tent towards the sky
  4. Dig the base of the tent poles when you’ve achieved the most taut, expanded tent placement
  5. Pound wooden stakes into the ground at each of the four corners of the base of the tent and secure with the guide rope

Setting up your Sheridan Tent & Awning Canvas Wall Tent will take about 20 minutes solo and 10 minutes with a friend.

  1. Lay all parts on the ground in approximate placement where you intend to set up your tent
  2. Construct top half according to image
  3. Place tent over constructed top half, keeping in mind where your door will be placed
  4. Lift one side of the frame and install legs, then the other side
  5. Pull walls down to the ground
  6. Stake down the tent at the base using the guide ropes
Wall Tent Frame
Wall Tent Angles
Wall Tent Rope and Stakes