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What makes a person give up their career for something entirely new? Is it the pioneer spirit? Something deeper? Maybe both.

Born in Portland, Oregon while his dad was working as a medic in the Vietnam War, Don Gould landed in his home state of Wyoming at five years old. He made it to Sheridan by way of Cody, and this is really where his story begins. 

A voracious reader from a young age, he absorbed history like kids in New York memorize great moments in baseball history. This was especially true of Wyoming history. Always curious and even fascinated about how the great Cowboy State came to be, he developed a true reverence for those who were courageous enough to lead the way, forever making Wyoming one of the best places in the world to visit, camp, live and raise a family. 

To really love Wyoming you must also be curious, and it helps to have the heart of an adventurer. Dip your toe into your first hidden hike then find your first secret camping spot with a stunning scenic vista, and you’ll be a changed person. 

After seven years at the University of Wyoming where he played rugby and earned an undergraduate degree in history and a law degree; plus a little less than a decade in Denver where he met his beautiful wife, a New York girl, and had two children, he returned to Sheridan to make an impact. He wanted to make things that mattered. Create jobs. Endeavor to make Sheridan an even better place to live and visit. 

In 2010 he apprenticed at what you’d call a maker’s space. This was a 5,000 square-foot, 100-year old business that made tents for pioneers, hunters and campers, including wild Buffalo Bill Cody. He saw his path forward here — a way to create beautiful things of real value in people’s lives. 

Today Don, who cheekily calls himself the Canvas Baron, can be found at Sheridan Tent & Awning with his hard-working team making wall tents and teepees for camping, glamping and hunting enthusiasts all over the world. You’ll also find him at his 20-foot table using serious geometry skills to design, cut, measure and make good-looking, great-fitting industrial goods for businesses all over North America.