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Family hikes are an excellent way to bond. Whether you’re taking long treks to a hidden waterfall or a quick walk in the woods, it’s an engaging activity that keeps you and your kids active. But hiking with kids isn’t much fun when you don’t have the proper gear. If you’re planning to take your kids on an outdoor adventure, here’s what you need to bring to make the journey a bit easier.


Seems obvious, but we all forget on occasion. No hike should be without water, especially for kids. Adequate hydration is vital for your child, especially on a hot summer day. Although the mornings seem calm and nice, the afternoon temperatures can be brutal. Carry enough water to sustain you and your kids through the entire trek.


Standing outside for too long can cause serious sunburn. Stay protected against damaging rays for extended periods with the best sunblock. We like heavy duty options that include zinc. There are many all-natural sunblocks on the market now too – so be sure to give those a try.


Try to pack healthy delicious snacks like apples, oranges and bananas to keep them going. If you’re partial to energy bars, just keep the sugar in check and avoid artificial ingredients. The market is flooded with more natural, delicious energy bars — find your favorites and pack them out.

Hiking Shoes

Nothing will ruin a family hike faster than tired, sore feet. Adults and kids need a good pair of hiking boots to navigate rocky terrain. When picking out a pair of hiking shoes, choose a pair that allows enough room for your kids to wiggle their toes!

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Kids (and adults) fall down and might just scrape knees and elbows while hiking. There are also plenty of bugs out in the wilderness. Be proactive and bring a well-equipped first aid kit along for the walk. Remember bandages, first aid ointment, gauze and itch relief — like calamine lotion.


Whistles are just plain fun, they also come in handy to make sure you don’t lose any kiddos who veer off the trail. Teach your child how to a whistle, and attach it to their backpack or around their neck so they can easily access it in case they decide to forge their own path.

Rain Jacket

Even if it doesn’t look like it will rain during your hike, bring a jacket. Pack a lightweight poncho or zip-up raincoat just in case. You’ll be glad you did during the long walk back to the tent! 

Moisture-Wicking Socks

All-cotton socks are not ideal for hiking — they encourage blisters and absorb moisture. Instead, go for moisture-wicking socks that give your kids a bit of compression and keep blood flowing. Hiking socks should also minimize any complaints of tired feet.

Insect Repellant

Protect you and your child’s skin with an all-natural insect repellent. Carefully read the label to ensure you minimize ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Excellent Gear for Your Family Camping Trips

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